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El cielito


Private pick up & Eco-Friendly Hotel in Playa del Carmen

We will meet you at the airport. A private driver will be waiting for you at the terminal ready to take you to your hotel. You will be staying at an amazing Eco-Resort just in front of the stunning Caribbean Ocean and a few blocks of the lively Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen. The perfect location to enjoy.


Cielo & Cozumel Reefs + Travelers Table

Get on a high-speed boat to discover the Cozumel Reef National Park, one of the best places in the world to snorkel and witness marine life. You will also visit the famous sandbar known as “Cielo”. Its name is due to the high quantity of stars laying in the sea bottom. “Cielo” is the Spanish word for sky. The sky is always full of stars! In the evening, enjoy a culinary experience with a former Master Chef participant.


Chill and Relax in Playa del Carmen

Enjoy Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen on your own. A few blocks from your hotel, you will discover lots of restaurants, beach clubs, bars and shops. There you can experience the vast Mexican gastronomy, enjoy the local cocktails and find the perfect souvenirs. Want to have some fun at night? There are also clubs where you will make friends from all over the world.


Coba & Turtles

Now it’s time to explore the jungle and learn about the Mayas in the ancient city of Coba. This enigmatic place is home to the largest building in a Mayan City: the Nohoch Mul Pyramid (135 ft. tall). The ruins are completely surrounded by the jungle, you will get to know how it was to live like a Maya a few centuries ago. On the next stop, you will go back to the ocean. But this time it will be to make some friends that are living underwater: the sea turtles in Akumal bay. Swim close to them and have an amazing experience in nature.


Relax at the Beach

Enjoy the final full day of your vacation laying on the beach and making the most of the facilities of your hotel. One last walk to discover the streets surrounding Fifth Avenue is always a good idea!


Let's head back home!

Your private driver will meet at the lobby of your hotel to take you to the airport. We’ll be waiting for you soon!

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